No More Colours Left to be the New Black

Fashion experts were dismayed today when they realised that there are simply no more colours to be the new black. "We've done every colour imaginable," exclaimed Fashion Spokesman, Mr Fay van Tutu. "You name it. From Puce to Puke Green. From Soggy Grey to Deep Purple. Even horrid colours like Rhode-Island Red and Brown have had their chance to be the new Black. There are simply no more."

After a short moment of despair, the spokesman continued. "Even Black has been the new Black three times already. The first time it was Retro, the second Post-Modern. And after that we were just pushing our luck."

When asked if it really mattered, the spokesman tutted. "Of course it matters. Defining the new Black has been the cornerstone of the fashion industry for the last 25 years." After a few minutes of sobbing, another well-dressed young man rushed in and whispered something into the spokesman's ear which made him sit-up, smiling.

The spokesman declared the meeting over and added a post-script, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce, Black is the new Blue."