Secret Message found in The Da Vinci Code

After months of investigating, scholars are finally beginning to understand the secrets behind The Da Vinci Code. For some time, leading thinkers (and fellow authors) have been pondering its runaway success, without, er, success. Some have suggested ancient symbols referenced in the text gave it mystical powers, some have suggeested underground cults have been sending out mind-altering Ley-lines to our brains, someone even suggested damn good writing and clever plotting. All three have been ejected by experts as ludicrous.

The answer lies in a secret code hidden in the words missed by all of the experts and only found by an adoring fan, Mr Don Brawn. The code is found by taking the following letters from the following pages:
p 23 letter 35
p 53 letter 18
p 61 letter 97
p 142 letter 114
p 192 letter 13
p 205 letter 85

If you take these letters and re-arrange them, you get the secret message:


The author of the work, Dan Brown, is thought to be the pseudonym of Bran Down, the shadowy author who created the new name using a clever substitution encryption technique developed by novelist Bill Shut. Bran Down is also thought to be the mind behind such thrillers as Vermeer Investigates, The Code of Honour Blackman and The Mystery of the Well-Researched References Hidden in the Bog-Standard Thriller.

"The Mystery of How Miss Terry Missed Erry," has never been written.