No Waytu is Here!!!

No Waytu is the new Japanese puzzle to enthrall the nation, and here at Utter Newsense we don't just report the news as it happens, we try to cash every single fad that comes by. That's why we're happy to present our first ever No Waytu puzzle.

1) In every horizontal column, you must fit in once, and once only, each number from 1 to 9.
2) In the vertical columns, you must enter numbers in one of the following series: Fibonacci, Bernoulli, Monk (each series is only used at most 3 times).
3) Diagonally, must appear letters from the work DIAGRAMATICALLY, rearranged to form new words.
4) Circular around the edges, must be (in reverse order, anti-clockwise), the Hebrew alphabet.
5) When complete, and read backwards, the puzzle will reveal the true name of The Dark One, Satan, our anti-lord and destroyer. When you have this, please call the Answerline to see if you have won today's top prise. Answerline: 0666 666 6666 (International rates apply).

(c) 2005 Utter Newsense Corp.