Conspiracy Theorist cannot be sure his ideas were not “planted by others.”

Seth Rebber, Conspiracy Theorist, 42, has admitted he has some doubts about the origin of some of his theories. Seth is famous for his theories on how the government is out to get him (and others like him).

But recently he has admitted that these thoughts and the elaborate explanations he has come up with to show what the particular government agencies are trying to do to this end may not have been from himself. He cannot prove that these ideas are his own. He suspects that these ideas were put into his head by aliens trying to engender a revolution amongst humans.

Seth’s logic is that although the government is undoubtedly out to get him, how could he realise this given the highly efficient methods of the government’s secret spying agencies? Therefore, this information must have been planted there by some outside force.

When asked if it were possible these aliens had a peaceful intent, Seth shook his head. “No. They are clearly out to get me too.”

Seth Rebber has lived alone since he accused his cat of working for the CIA.