Monday, March 27, 2006

“The Game” – “evil and manipulative” critics say.

Critics of current best-seller, “The Game” have been calling the book “evil and manipulative,” saying the book uses crude psychology to get people to do things against their wishes. Said a Spokesman for the Critics, "Men are being manipulated into buying this book through promises it of fulfilling their most heart-felt desires: that of bedding and being loved by numerous women.” The critics also go on to claim that once the book has been bought, it seduces men by letting them think it is interested in their welfare when really all it is interested in is selling more books. Said one man who had found himself buying a copy of the book, "I feel degraded. I have been treated as something less than human. This book seduced me with its appeals to my conscious desires. But instead of getting laid, I just ended up speaking to my friends in an incomprehensible code, wearing even more stupid clothes than ever before and actually talking for hours about being into astrology. What have I become?"

Other critics poo-pood the idea that this book was revealing anything new. "These books come out all the time. Every six months there is a new "method” of attracting women that becomes a fad for a while. Sure some of them seem to get girls for a while, but soon they start to go back to their old habits.” Said another critic, "We've seen it all before. We've had the "F-" Plan, The Wolfskin's Action and Waitress-Watchers. People try it, but six months later they’re onto the next 'Get Trim Quick' scheme.”

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ancient Precursor to the "The Game" found.

Archaeologists in Central Europe have uncovered 2 million year-old cave paintings which they believe are an early form of current publishing sensation, "The Game." In "The Game," men are taught how to attract and bed women. The cave paintings are a pre-historic version of the same, claim scientists.

The series of drawings depict initially a group of male stick figures. In the second scene, one of them approaches a female stick figure. In the next picture, the man bludgeons the girl over the head with his club and, in the final image, drags her by her hair back to his cave.

American Lawyers are already searching to see if ancestors of these paintings can be found so they can file a lawsuit against the author of "The Game," Neil Strauss.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

easyCome: Latest addition to, the umbrella group for such cost-cutting enterprises as easyPlane, easyTrain and easyAutomobile, have announced a new easyForay into the the world of sex toys. The new company, easyCome, was launched with the usual promises to undercut competitors by reducing unnecessary extras.

The company, has release a small initial product range but hopes to add more in the future. Stelios Havan-IOU the owner of told reporters, "If you want cheap sexual pleasure, don't go to these other companies - British Appliance or Buzz - we are the best."