Saturday, November 25, 2006

OJ Simpson may face death penalty for disrupting TV schedules.

OJ Simpson TV show publicising his new book, "How I Killed My Wife In The Perfect Conditional Tense" has had to be pulled due to pressure from the families of the people he would have killed in the way outlined in the book.

Instead, Simpson has issued a statement about how sales could have been entitled "If They Had Shown It."

Thursday, November 09, 2006

More World Trade Center Movies Promised

Following the initial success of the new movie "World Trade Center," a further batch of movies on the same subject has been announced. "Trouble in the Rubble" stars Jet Li and Nicolas Cage as under cover cops fighting Chinese gangsters in the collapsing buildings. "Los Torres Sexidas" is Pedro Almodóvar's exploration of the lives of a frustrated middle-aged woman and a young student trapped together in a shower. Meanwhile, "Snakes in a Collapsing Building," starring Samuel L. Jackson, asks the question, "what if, on September 11th, al-Qaida had not only launched planes into the twin towers, but also released a vast number of deadly snakes. It raises some important philosophical points and includes the soon-to-be classic line, "I'm as motherf***ing motherf***ed as a motherf***er."