Thursday, December 17, 2009

BBC baffled by artists' refusal to censor song about censorship.

The BBC today stood by their decision to ask the band The C***swingers to censor their latest single, "I don't give a fuck about the word, 'fuck,' gonna fucking say 'fuck' to you." The corporation had originally asked the band to drop the one offensive word from the song without realising it would have left the chorus as "----ity ---- ----, ----ity ---- ----, ----ity ---- ----, ---- ---- ----." A BBC spokesman has said the whole thing was "a bit of a b***s-up." The C***swingers are Kez Shitstorm, Kiz Twatbasher and Humphrey Twistleton-Harbream.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Those Nobel Prizes in full

Barack Obama wins the Peace Prize for dividing US so much, fighting remains within the country.
Whoopi Goldberg wins Prize for Linguistics for creating greater diversity in definitions for sexual crimes
NASA wins the original Alfred Nobel Prize for making dynamite that actually works on the moon.

Nasa reveals that operation "Space: 1999" is 10 years behind schedule

Nasa tracks down Bin Laden to lunar hide-out

Definition: "Making Whoopi" - sex between a consenting adult and the opposite

Further new definitions from the latest edition of Goldberg's Dictionary of Criminal Sexual Acts include:
"Rape-rape" - the forcing of sexual acts onto another adult.
"Rape" - party game for teenagers.
"Date-rape" - a date where at least one party got what they were after.

George Bush & Dick Cheney Early Naval Career Picture

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Roman Polanski Arrested: Take the "Directors' Get Out of Jail Free Quiz."

The arrest in Switzerland of cinematic genius Roman Polanski (for skipping bail after pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a 13 year old) has caused outrage for being a “prudish revenge against a great talent” who never abided by the rules. Here's your chance to say what other directors are talented enough to deserve a free pass for.

Do this quiz and pass it on to 20 friends or bad things will happen to people you know.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This Weeks Special Offer: Japanese Schoolgirl Panty Swine Flu Face-masks

Happy Joy Schoolgirl Underthing Concern is proud to present for the discerning gentleman a protective device for the wearing against harm from threat of Swine Flu. Crafted from the finest undergarments of hand-picked Nagasaki schoolgirls.

Now you too can have protection you need as well as indulging in ancient sensuous practice from time before the time with complete justification and social respectableness. No shame and complete protection from flus of swine, avians, humans and Spaniards.

Plus now with new size for protection and sniffing pleasure of your dog, cat and pot-bellied pig. Happy Joy Schoolgirl Underthing Concern promises you hours of pleasure and safety.