World Prepares to Celebrate 2010th Anniversary of the Jewish Conspiracy to Keep Christ out of the Inn

Movie News: The Beaver

Trans Phatty Acid - Scientists warn youth about dangers latest music craze

Bernoit Mandelbrot (1924-2010) honoured for services to Trance music videos.

Return of the Jedi - original "down" ending revealed

Robbie Returns To Mothership

Sepp Blatter agrees that in future, goal-line decisions will be made by octopi.

World-Cup Statistics Table for you to fill in

Black is the new Blæc say Etymologists.

"The Empire Breaks Back," Hollywood's first ever gay sci-fi adventure, is 30 years old today.

Prehistoric News: Pterodactyls Grounded by Ash Cloud

Teenager Locks Herself in Her Boat for Seven Months

Air Travel Made Extinct by Huge Volcanic Eruption

Vulcanic Ash Disrupts European Flights: When Bollywood Stars Go Bad!

Easter Thought: Jesus Died so that Priests Might Sin

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James Cameron makes millions on people "just seeing what the fuss is about."

French Scientists: "It's no surprise British scientists cannot find evidence for G-spot."

Ishatar - new 3D movie sensation

UK destroyed by snow