Movie News: The Beaver

Mel Gibson has a new movie.

Oh, my god, plenty of material there already. Go on.

It's called "The Beaver."

Okay, control yourself. Keep calm. Keep Calm.

It's about a man who can only communicate through a hand-puppet.

You mean he talks through his beaver?

Well you could say that, but...

Is it a sort of "Leathal Muppet?"

Sort of. It's also about a border-line crazy person who expresses themselves through objects. But this time it's a hand-puppet and not a hand-gun.

So, it's more like a movie rip off of Nina Conti's act.

I suppose so.

The one thing that bothers me is...

What's that?

What are they going to call the porn version?


Mel Gibson The Beaver ******* Jews!

The Beaver will be set free in 2011.