176 Reasons Why This List Is More Tedious Than The 183 Lists We've Already Published Today.

  1. What are you doing here?
  2. Why did you even click on this link?
  3. You're still reading!
  4. What is wrong with you?
  5. You need help!
  6. This list doesn't get any better.
  7. I know you hope it will, but it won't.
  8. The title was the best part, the rest is just filler.
  9. I'm not saying that to be funny. It's the truth.
  10. Really, still reading?
  11. There is no hope for you.
  12. Frog port salami piggle.
  13. You are still reading even after a line that made NO SENSE!
  14. I give up.
  15. I don't have the patience to write 176 lines just because one sorry example from the internet is so bored he or she'll read absolutely anything.
  16. I'm stopping.
  17. I mean it.
  18. You'll be disappointed.

Told you.