Japanese Method, Spring Cleaning inside your House, And also your Soul.

Fukugodafo is the new Japanese system for clearing your house of clutter that is sweeping the world. Here we've extracted the beginning of author Watyugota Intoanada’s best-selling book, “The Sands of Your Things.”

The first step to cleaning the house is cleaning the mind. Empty your mind of you and become the house. This might sound difficult at first, but it is easy. Sit in the middle of your house and say “I am the house.” It might help to take a brick out of one of the walls and clasp it in your hand. Feeling the rough surface of the brick and imagining that all of you is made of this brick. Very soon you will become one with the brick, as well as the wood, plaster and even the fabrics, of your house. Then you will know what you do not need. Unneeded things are like vermin. When you have become the house, you will be able to smell the vermin, and you must get rid of them. Keeping the vermin of your stuff in your house is like inviting the gods to eat your face off. It is a bad idea.

Now you are your house and you can smell the vermin you can easily find the things you do not need. Remove them. You must be cruel. They might have served you well in the past, but now they are dead to you. Remove them. Place them in ceremonial white bags (available from the website) and leave them outside. Do not care when the men who collect such things come, the stuff must be removed. Place the bags outside and pray to the gods of things removed to take them. They may come in many forms. In some places there are laws that state when and where you must place your unwanted things outside. Some places even say which colour bags you must use – but you must use white. These laws are bad demons sent to keep you from your task. Ignore them. Ignore also the agents of these demons and the so-called ‘fines’ they might demand. These are Earthly resistors to the true path of your endeavours.

Some things may seem too personal to get rid of, but you must be strong and obey what the house tells you. The questions you must ask yourself are given below. I have labelled them with numbers for the convenience of the unenlightened, but I consider numbers superfluous and do not have them in my house.

  1. In your ‘I am the house’ state, do they smell of vermin? If so get rid of them. If they smell also of vermin when you are not in that state, then they should probably also go.
  2. Do you sleep holding them every night? If not, then why are they in your life? You should only own what you clutch every night. Otherwise it is nothing to you and only destroys your inner thing-chi.
  3. Is the thing keeping you alive? I have, after much reflection, added this rule. There are objects that keep us alive. Whilst, the purest in me only abides by the first two rules, there are sometimes objects that people have which, whilst they do not clutch them all night, there is some evidence that these objects keep them longer on this plane, which seems to be a common desire amongst many of my clients. I might have been a bit to firm in the past with certain former clients about such things as inhalers, medicines and artificial lungs.

People have asked me, “what about pets?” I refer them to the three rules above. These are the only rules you need. They apply to anything in your home.

People then ask, “but what about live-in relatives or husbands or lodgers or children?” Again, these are things in your dwelling and are subject to the above cosmic rules. If your pet or family member smells of vermin to the house, or, indeed, to you, they are unneeded. If you do not sleep clutching them every night, then they should go. If they are your primary care-giver and you have a life-threatening condition, then my lawyers have asked me to state that you should keep them even though this could result in the gods ripping off your face.

This is just a short insight into the amazing world of reducing your stuff. If you follow these rules and buy all the books in this series, transcend all 17 levels in my course programme, you will not only have the perfect home, clear of the vermin of unneeded stuff, but you will live a truly fulfilled life where the chances of your face being ripped off by a passing demon is almost nothing.