"People who don't know how many kids they have are scum!" declares UK Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson, today declared a war on dead beat dads. "Fathers should be there for their kids," he explained. "You know, the way nannies are. Actually, now I think about it, what I mean is, nannies should be there for, well, other people's kids."

"I want a society where nannies take full responsibility for, um, other people's children. And fathers should be there too. Unless they're very busy or it's inconvenient or there's other women to see."

"I'm horrified when fathers aren't there for their children. Particularly when they do it whilst not having very much money. It's very well swanning about about, japing from woman to woman if you have the capital, but if you're not got two pennies to rub together, your place is at home with your 4, 5, or 6 kids. Let's face it, who of us really knows how many children they have? Half of them are too young to count so how do they even know?"

Boris Johnson is 55 (percent sure how many kids he has).