Historical News: New Chancellor promises voters to "Get Lebensraum Done"

The New Chancellor has today promised the people to "Get Lebensraum Done!" "After years of dithering and opposition from other parties, it is time to get it done." he stated to assembled members of the press.

"We will implement it with lightning speed. It will be simple. It will be over by Christmas and there will be no downside; no repercussions. After we have implemented it we will be revered around the world for years to come. They will commended us for our bravery and clear superiority. We will become the greatest nation ever.

The Chancellor went on to say that his recent victory in the 1932 election was a mandate to not only get Lebensraum done but to change politics for good. Asked whether he meant "for good" as in "forever" or as in "for the benefit of the people," the Chancellor waffled a bit about getting Getting Lebensraum done, whatever that means.