UK Politics: Labour to Decide which Half of the Party Will Hate Their Leader

Following Jeremy Corbyn's amazing victory in the last election (in winning the argument, if not the actual election itself), Labour must choose a new leader to build on this success.

Labour members have been whittling down a long list of divisive potential candidates to find who will be the one who can best divide the party.

Those on the centre of the left favour (or more accurately centre-centre-left) favour Steir Karma who irritates the left of the party for being a member of the establishment (having been knighted), working with the fuzz (as head of the Crown Prosecution Service), and being far too Tony Blairy.

The left of the left favour Rebecca Bong-Lailey who is seen as a natural successor to the "speak quietly but carry a small trowel" approach of Jeremy Corbyn. She upsets the right of the left for being far too Jeremy Corbyny. and far too Michael Footy.

There is no doubt whoever is voted in at the top, the party will be severely divided about it.

Foot (left), Blair (right).

"The only way to unite the party," claimed one member, "would to be to vote in someone everyone hated. Ironically, electing Boris Johnson as leader of the Labour party would actually unite all our members. Plus we'd have someone with a track record of winning elections. Although that would probably put off some of the party who believe winning an election means we are an establisment party."

The Labour Party is 120 years old.